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Easy, Faux Boarding Pass Gift Idea

I’m a little behind the times here, seeing as how Valentine’s Day was a month and a half ago (what??), but I still think this is too cute not to share! Real talk, y’all: men are so hard to shop for. Give me a lady to shop for any day. When in doubt, a great smelling candle or cute scarf are an easy fall-back. But men? Gosh. And especially if your fella is like mine and isn’t huge on sweets or alcohol (how are we even married??).

Hubs already has most of the “things” he needs, so I decided to gift him a weekend trip for Valentine’s Day this year. I still wanted him to have something fun to open, and I came up with the idea to print faux boarding passes detailing our weekend destination. Thankfully, many others have also come up with this idea in the past, and there are lots of fun boarding pass templates out there on the interwebs. I’m sharing the one I used to save y’all the trouble of having to click through 218 templates and Google images like I did in order to find THE one.

Easy, Faux Boarding Pass Gift Idea | Très Belle

The template, from Aylee Bits, is fairly easy to use and quite customizable. There are detailed (and I mean detailed) instructions on the site for how to use the templates to make wedding invitations, but I didn’t take things quite that far. I wanted to spend 10 minutes on this, tops.

The only issue I had with the template was that the bar code came out as a bunch of wonky symbols on my laptop (maybe because I was using a Mac?). Finding a bar code image on Google and inserting it into the document was a quick and easy fix, though.

I think the final product was cute, and Wes loved it! He actually thought they were real tickets when he first opened them. He is excited to plan his trip to Stratford!

xoxo Laura

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Wes and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary yesterday. I can’t believe it! The past year (and especially this summer) has flown by, and all of a sudden we have graduated from being “newlyweds.” We made a pretty big deal out of celebrating this anniversary (we made it through some major milestones and trials this year!), and I am sharing so that others can steal ideas and maybe share some traditions of their own!

  1. Anniversary Photos: Yes, we have plenty of gorgeous engagement and wedding photos of the two of us already. But we thought the occasion at hand was special enough to warrant new pictures. Ideally, I’d love to have nice photos done each year so that we always have updated portraits in our house and on our Christmas cards. And, we got to include our recently adopted love pup, Rufus, which was extra special! Emma Emery Photography did an amazing job, no? One Year Anniversary Photo Session - Trés Belle Blog
  2. Dinner out: This one is pretty standard as far as anniversaries go, I know. It felt quite special though since we rarely eat out on week nights. After a long Monday at work, it was exciting to look forward to a night out on the town.
  3. Renewing our vows: Like the anniversary photos, this is something that I hope will be a yearly tradition for us. We are lucky that we live in the same city that we were married in, which made it fairly easy to swing by our ceremony location after dinner to recite our wedding vows. Unfortunately the chapel itself was locked, so we stood outside the big front doors and read our vows to each other. Hearing the pledge that we wrote together last summer was incredibly touching.
  4. Exchanging gifts: Wes and I don’t really buy each other extravagant gifts, but we still wanted to give each other a little something to celebrate the occasion. He scored a t-shirt featuring lyrics from our first dance song as well as tickets to an NC State basketball game (aka the only thing I could come up with for the traditional “paper” gift). I adore my gift, which was a wooden sign painted with the words of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. This verse is significant to us, as you will learn in number 7 below! Please excuse the poor lighting and mismatched furniture in the photo…we are in the process of moving 🙂1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Wooden Sign - Trés Belle Blog
  5. Watching our wedding video: Yet another yearly tradition in the making. We have the most incredible wedding video (shout out to Good Earth Films!), and it was really neat to relive the big day in sound and living color. I have said over and over again how quickly the past year has flown, but watching ourselves and our loved ones on film also made me pause and realize how much has changed over the course of a year!
  6. Eating the top tier of our wedding cake: The icing on the cake of our anniversary celebration was getting to eat the 1-year-old top tier of our wedding cake. Or rather, Wes ate the cake, and I had a few bites of frosting due to my recently developed gluten intolerance. The day before our anniversary, we took the cake out of the freezer, unwrapped it, and sat it in the fridge to thaw. Was it still delicious? I didn’t get to taste it in all of its glory, but Wes certainly seemed to enjoy it!
  7. A new verse: Yep, another yearly tradition (how am I going to remember all of these??). During premarital counseling, our pastor challenged Wes and I to choose a “theme” Bible verse for our first year of marriage. We decided we would focus on a different piece of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 each year for our first several years of marriage. Love was indeed patient this past year (we reflected on this on our drive to dinner!), and starting yesterday we moved on to the next part of the verse: the infamous “love is kind.”
  8. Anniversary trip: I guess it’s a stretch to call this an “anniversary” trip given that it is taking place nearly three months after our anniversary, but stretch we will. We are headed to Asheville for a long weekend, and I am beyond excited to FINALLY see the Biltmore (and it will be decorated for Christmas)!

So there you have it! Our one year anniversary celebrations in list form. I’d love to hear from y’all about favorite anniversary celebrations you’ve had or any traditions you keep each year. Comment or drop me a note!

And to my sweet Wes: Happy one year, hubs. I love you more and more each day.

xoxo Laura

These Adorable, Glittery Paper Straws Are On Sale!

Okay, no need for me to re-establish how much I love stumbling across wedding-worthy deals on sites like Groupon, Jane, and Eleventh Avenue. I think that’s a given by now. Well, I’ve gone and done it again: Check out these ADORABLE paper straws, complete with glittery paper rings!

Glittery engagement ring paper straws...perfect for an engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelorette party! - Wedding Belles Blog

How cute would these be for an engagement party, bridal shower or bachelorette party? There are several different colors, and they are on super sale on Jane.com (58% off!). According to Jane, there is a limited quantity available though…better hurry, belles!

Glittery engagement ring paper straws...perfect for an engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelorette party! - Wedding Belles Blog

xoxo Laura

Bachelorette Party Idea: A Private Wine Tasting Soiree

Are you looking for a fun and fresh idea for your bachelorette party? Look no further! What could be better than your own private wine tasting? Wines for Humanity, a wine tasting company serving Wake, Durham, Orange, Granville, and Person Counties in NC, brings the fun to you by traveling to your personal residence for a wine tasting. As you sample, your wine consultant will teach you how to taste wine and pair the various wines with food. The best part? They help prevent homelessness by donating 12-17% of their proceeds to a local organization that helps community members who are struggling with their utility bills. Oh, and LivingSocial is currently offering a discounted deal one one of their wine tasting packages, so that’s pretty fabulous as well.

Wouldn’t this make for a swanky evening with your ladies? Step out afterwards for a fancy dinner on the town and you have one fabulous bachelorette party (that also helps give back to the community)!

xoxo Laura

P.S. – This post is not sponsored by Wines for Humanity or any other organization, nor have I sampled the organization’s services or products. Just sharing fun ideas!

Glittery & Glitzy New Year’s Eve Wedding Inspiration

Do you adore all things sparkle and glitter, but don’t want your wedding to seem like something out of a child’s dress up box? Consider getting married on New Year’s Eve, which, as we all know, is one day when there is no such thing as too much glitz. Bonus: Many of your guests will have the next day off from work, giving them plenty of time to rest after your all-night soiree! Today’s wedding inspiration pulls in all the best parts of New Year’s Eve celebrations: a swanky atmosphere, festive attire, champagne, and of course a confetti drop at midnight. Enjoy!

Though the above invitation was technically designed for a rehearsal dinner, it could be easily adapted for your New Year’s Eve wedding!

Groom in a Classic Tux for this Glitzy & Glittery New Year's Eve Wedding - Wedding Belles Blog

via Brides

I love the idea of adding just a few little pops of color to compliment the blacks, whites, and metallics in this wedding. The rose gold in the mismatched bridesmaid dresses and the thistle and mulberry tones in the bouquets and cake flowers are the perfect touch!

Mini bottles of champagne as favors? Yes, please. So on-theme.

Elegant Halloween Wedding Inspiration in Black, White, and Silver (and a Touch of Quirky)

Y’all, I started daydreaming about this wedding earlier in the week and couldn’t get it out of my head. I’ve never considered myself a creative person–quite the opposite, actually–but I do have these moments when the wheels start turning. And then I steal a bunch of other people’s ideas and mash them all together. At any rate, if you love Halloween, or if your high school goth phase never did totally disappear, this wedding is for you. Here in the South, we love old-fashioned elegance; this wedding takes a classic black and white color palette and elegant estate backdrop and adds just a touch of quirky (can you say black wedding dress and vampire fangs?). Without further ado, good friends, let’s kick this wedding off with classic black and white invites and a sneak peak of our bridal party getting ready:

Bridesmaids in black tulle…

Elegant Halloween Wedding Inspiration in Black, White, and Silver (and a Touch of Quirky) - Wedding Belles Blog

via ouma on Etsy

…with these incredibly stunning/sexy black lace gloves.

Elegant Halloween Wedding Inspiration in Black, White, and Silver (and a Touch of Quirky) - Wedding Belles Blog

via geranum on Etsy

The gentlemen. White dinner jacket is always an elegant choice!

Since late October can still be fairly warm here in the Carolinas, our ceremony is going to take place outside. Let’s take a peek at the aisle decor:

The newlyweds. That dress!! That black fascinator!!

Now, for the reception…guests are greeted with their escort cards when they arrive in the ballroom.

Elegant Halloween Wedding Inspiration in Black, White, and Silver (and a Touch of Quirky) - Wedding Belles Blog

via onewed

I adore this elaborate cake for our elegant fete. The ruffles are reminiscent of the wonderfully textured layers in the bride’s dress.

Are you digging this Halloween inspiration, belles and beaus? Would you get married on a holiday? Comment, comment, comment!

xoxo Laura

Budget-Friendly Alert: Groupon Has an Awesome Deal for Wedding Favors and Bridal Party Gifts!

Since sharing the cutest wedding gift idea from Jane last week, I’ve been keeping an eye on my emails for other deals that might help out budget-conscious couples as they try not to break the bank while they plan their big day. And of course, I’ve already stumbled across another! Plum District (a Groupon-style website that offers deals specifically targeted toward women who have children) is offering a 50% off deal to Peach Blossom. Peach Blossom sells tons of fun wedding favors, place cards, bridal party gifts, and even programs. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite finds from their website:

As I’m writing this, there are only about 3 more days to purchase the deal from Plum District. One person can purchase up to 4 vouchers, meaning you could save as much as $200 on your wedding!

Have y’all found any good deals recently using Plum District, Groupon, Living Social, Jane, or other deal websites? Share with me!

xoxo Laura (deal finder extraordinaire)

Fun Wedding Reception Idea: Beverage Boats!

What could be better than an ice cold beer? Grabbing an ice cold beer from an adorable beverage boat, that’s what.

This fun serving station is becoming popular at outdoor wedding receptions not only because of its uniqueness and the instant upgrade it provides for your decor, but also because it’s just so darn practical! This completely eliminates the need to stand in line for a beer or soda (just make sure you serve twist-offs or have bottle openers on hand) and could potentially cut down on the number of bartenders you need to hire for your reception. Filled with ice, the boat could keep drinks cold even on a hot NC/SC summer day.

These would be especially fitting for a lake- or beach-side reception, but could work at other venues too…for example, using a weathered canoe at a rustic farm wedding. And, who says these can only make appearances at the reception? For the ceremony, stock them with bottled waters for guests to snag as they arrive.

Beverage Boat - Wedding Belles Blog

via fbcdn

So, wondering where to find one of these beauties for your own wedding or function? A DIY option would be to ask around with family and friends to see if anyone might have a canoe or paddle boat they are willing to donate to the cause. We’ve also found them for sale at Lakehouse Lifestyle.

What do you think, belles and beaus? Will you be stealing this idea?

Inexpensive and Fun Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Favor Idea: Nail Polish!

Aren’t all of the events leading up to weddings so much fun? Engagement parties, showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties…there is lots of fun to be had! However, if you are hosting one of these soirees, you might find that costs add up quickly. Throwing a ladies-only bridal shower or a bachelorette party? Here’s a favor idea that is adorable, yet won’t break the bank: nail polish!

This is such a practical favor, because chances are most of the recipients will use it. You can coordinate with the wedding color scheme or choose a shade similar to the bride’s favorite color. Wrap it up in a cute way (i.e. tulle and ribbon like above, or with a personalized tag like below), and you’re good to go. Simple, inexpensive, easy, and guaranteed to be well-received!

Nail Polish Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Favor - Wedding Belles Blog

via PrintSmitten on Etsy

What do you think, belles? Will you be stealing this idea?

10 Nautical Place/Escort Cards Perfect for a Seaside Wedding

Hi there belles and beaus! I am looking out my window at the ocean as I write this, making me all the more excited for today’s nautical wedding inspiration. Who doesn’t love a seaside wedding in the Carolinas? The soothing sound of the ocean waves, the picturesque white sand, and of course the possibility for lots of fun nautical-themed details. If you’re planning a beach wedding (or possibly even a lakeside wedding…lots of possibility for a nautical theme there as well!), come steal some of these ideas for your place/escort cards:

1. Oyster Shells: How beautiful and unique are these oyster shell escort cards? Gather them yourself and then have some friends help you write names for a budget-friendly way to wow your guests.

2. Red Anchor Cards: If you’re over navy and white for a beach wedding, throw in a little nautical red with these bright and fun place cards. These can be purchased off Etsy, but I’m also willing to bet some of our more crafty belles and beaus could totally DIY this project!

Red Anchor Place Cards - Wedding Belles Blog

via GiggleBees on Etsy

3. Sand Dollars: What could be more beachy and fun? Bonus: these absolutely double as favors. Guests could use them as decorative pieces on a desk or wall display or could even turn them into Christmas ornaments!

4. Casual Anchor-Stamped Cards: I adore these simple cards, which could certainly be a DIY project. Buy natural-colored tags and start stamping away!  Have some friends or family members help and it will take no time at all.

5. Message in a Bottle: These are another unique and wow-worthy option, though they would probably take a bit more time if you attempt to create them yourself. Like the sand dollars, I think these could also double as favors.

6. Nautical Knot: These fun escort cards represent not only the nautical rope frequently used on ships, but also you and your partner’s tying of the knot! These could easily be made in a variety of colors to match your particular scheme.

7. Starfish: Just tie a tag with pretty ribbon around these beauties and you’re good to go! Again…can you say doubles as a favor?

8. Origami Sailboats: Seriously, how fun are these? If you’re getting married oceanside but aren’t into traditionally preppy nautical fare, opt for these brightly colored and unique escort cards. I’m sure you could even find a tutorial online to learn how to make them!

9. Seashells: Quintessential beach fare. I love the natural colors…perfect if you’re using beachy tones like cream, light pink, mint, gold, or tan. You can purchase these from The Knot.

10. Colorful Bouys: These may win the award for most unique, fun, and colorful. They’re just so happy! I have no idea how you might go about making these or where they can be purchased, but bonus points if any of you knows.

What do you think, belles and beaus? Are you going to steal any of these ideas for your wedding or some other seaside occasion?

xoxo Laura