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Cupcake Bars: The Latest Innovation in Wedding Cakes!

What is more fun than eating a delicious slice of wedding cake? Getting to decorate your cake and eat it, too!

I think cupcake bars are going to be all the rage in weddings this year because they are pure fun. If you’re looking for an entertainment option for your guests other than dancing, this is perfect, because it allows guests to customize their cake with the flavors, frostings, and toppings they love best!

I first learned about this concept when I stumbled across Iced Cupcakes in Raleigh, NC. Couples who use Iced Cupcakes’ cupcake bar option choose three cupcake flavors, five icing flavors, and 10 toppings to have displayed for guests to choose from. Iced Cupcakes has two staff members on hand at the reception to craft the cupcakes to guest specifications so that things don’t get too messy at the bar. Topping choices range from traditional ingredients like chocolate chips to “wacky” options such as cotton candy, pop rocks, and circus peanuts. Iced Cupcakes also provides cutting cakes for the bride and groom for those traditional cake cutting photos.

You can seriously get so creative with these. How fun would it be to have a “signature” cupcake, where you suggest a certain flavor/topping combination for your guests to try?

What do you think, belles? Would you opt for a cupcake bar at your wedding? I think they would also be perfect at a bridal shower or engagement party!

xoxo Laura

p.s. – As always, not a sponsored post!