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Internet Roundup: MOB Duties, Ways to Ruin a Wedding, and More!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done an Internet roundup, and I do have some fun/informative links to share. Without further ado, here’s what I’m loving on the Internet lately:

1. 5 Things Mothers of the Bride Can Take Off Their Daughter’s Plate – yes yes yes yes yes

5 Things Mothers of the Bride Can Take Off Their Daughter's Plate via Brides - Wedding Belles Blog

via Brides

2. 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress – we’ve talked about #3 on the blog before, but the other two are new!

3. 10 Ways to Ruin a Wedding – mostly common sense, but apparently some people still do these things or we wouldn’t have to write an article about it…

4. Fun Group Activities to do Before Your Wedding Rehearsal – I LOVE the idea of #7. So unique!

Tell me belles…what have you been loving on the Internet lately? Found any inspiration or helpful tips? Share with me!

xoxo Laura

Internet Roundup: Barbie’s Wedding, the Most Awkward Engagement Photos Ever, and More!

Oh, y’all. This batch of links I’m loving lately is absolutely top notch. Without further ado:

1. Barbie and Ken’s wedding, complete with getting ready photos, a first look, and more.

Barbie and Ken's Wedding via Loverly - Wedding Belles Blog


2. 10 things you should NEVER say to a bride on her wedding day.

Things NOT to Say to a Bride, via Brides - Wedding Belles Blog


3. 25 incredibly awkward engagement photos. Butt nekkid fiances? Say no more…

Awkward Engagement Photos via Loverly - Wedding Belles Blog


Are y’all loving any links lately? Share with me!

xoxo Laura