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Signature Cocktail Idea: Mason Dixons

Continuing on with our Signature Cocktail series, I have a truly Southern drink for you today: Mason-Dixons. Here in the Carolinas, we take true pride in living below the Mason-Dixon line…am I right y’all? Everything good in life comes from below this proverbial line….pecan pie, big hair, blessed hearts, sweet tea… Which brings us back to this lovely drink, which would be especially refreshing on a hot day:

Mason Dixons - Wedding Belles

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This concoction is simple to make: simply mix together Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (made in South Carolina!) and lemonade. Bonus points if you serve in a Mason jar!

xoxo Laura

Signature Cocktail Idea: Lowcountry Lemonade

Here in the Carolinas, we tend to appreciate our beverages. And goodness, are there a wide variety to choose from…from craft beers at River Dog Brewery in Bluffton, SC, to homemade moonshine in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. Over the next few months, Wedding Belles will be featuring signature drink ideas that have Southern flair. First up: Lowcountry Lemonade.

This beautiful cocktail would be perfect for a South Carolina lowcountry wedding…especially if Tiffany blue is part of your color palette!


  • Peach schnapps
  • Lemonade
  • A drop of Blue Curacao

To get the look in the picture, rub a slice of lemon around the rim of the glass and then coat with sugar. The lemon will help the sugar stick to the glass. Then, tie a Tiffany blue ribbon onto the end of a clear swizzle stick, and use those to garnish the drink. Beautiful…and delicious!

xoxo Laura