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My Favorite (and Least Favorite) Wedding Trends of 2014

Y’all, can you believe 2014 is drawing to a close?? In some ways, it seems like the year just began…and yet, so much has happened between January 1st and now. For me personally, that includes graduating from my Master’s program, starting this blog (!!), moving to a new city, beginning a new full-time job (unfortunately I don’t just get to sit around blogging all day – sigh), gettin’ hitched, and making lots of wonderful memories with friends and family. And for the world at large, there were lots of weddings in 2014. Lots of love. Lots of celebrating. A lot of commitment, and joy, and new beginnings. Don’t worry though, that’s about as deep and meaningful as this post is going to get…the rest is my light-hearted commentary on my favorite and least favorite wedding details from 2014. Without further ado….

My absolute favorite trends from 2014 weddings:

1. Cookie Favors

Monogrammed Sugar Cookie Wedding Favors - Wedding Belles Blog

via thesweetesttiers on Etsy

Want a favor your guests will love? Cookies are definitely a winner. Seriously, who doesn’t love cookies? Your guests will be snatching up these favors and snacking on them before it’s anywhere close to closing time. The other great thing about cookie favors is that they can match virtually any theme or motif. Decorate them with your married monogram, cut them into starfish and sand dollar shapes for a beach wedding, or even give a nod to your favorite sports team by serving up the mascot in cookie form. The possibilities are endless!

2. Watercolor Invitations

I’ve seen a lot of wedding invitations this year with watercolor designs, and I’m loving it! They give the invites a custom-made or hand-painted feel, but you can actually have them digitally printed for a fairly low cost. If you want romantic or whimsical invites, watercolor is definitely the way to go.

"Briana" Watercolor Wedding Invitation - Wedding Belles Blog

via CricketPrinting on Etsy

3. All Things Glitter

2014 has been a great year for glitter. From sequined linens and bridesmaid dresses to sparkly invitation suites, there has been no shortage of glitter floating around on Pinterest. It’s glamorous, but also a little fun!

And now, for my Least Favorite trends…

1. Crop Top Wedding “Dresses”

I get it. Style and culture are constantly evolving and changing. The amount of skin American society deems “okay” for women to show has changed drastically over the years, and even across the globe today, there exists a great variance in the cultural norms (and even laws) about how much clothing is considered appropriate. So your traditional grandmother thinks showing your stomach at your wedding is a sign of the end times – so what? Here’s the deal though, y’all. Regardless of where you stand on showin’ your belly button to the world, I think you should think twice before donning a crop top number for your wedding. Why? It’s way too trendy, and it will be back out of style again before you know it. It will date your wedding photos quicker than enormous poofy shoulders did for brides of the ’80’s. And yes, it might raise some eyebrows amongst your wedding guests. If you don’t give two hoots about looking trendy/dated or what other people will think, you go right ahead and rock that crop top my dear. As for me…I’m hitting the “next” button on this trend.

2. Naked Cakes

Anyone who has ever met me knows my school of thought on cake: It’s pretty yummy on its own, but its main purpose in life is to be a vehicle for frosting. Why, oh why, oh why would you serve cake that is severely lacking in frosting? From a taste perspective, just no. There are also structural issues when it comes to naked cakes, as described in this lovely article by the folks at Sugarland Bakery in Chapel Hill, NC. And people, can I please inform you what is going to happen when your nekkid cake sits on the table for 5+ hours before being served? It is going to dry out, hun. Anyone who has ever left their cake layers on the cooling rack for a few hours too long knows that. Without frosting protecting it from the open air, that cake will turn dry and stale and crumbly in a heartbeat. So, let’s look past the earthy aesthetic appeal and all agree to frost our cakes, okay?

3. Pies in Lieu of Wedding Cake

In my opinion, this was a sweet idea that got blown way out of proportion. Maybe your recently deceased grandmother was famous for her apple pie and you want to honor her memory by serving her recipe on your big day, or maybe you are just a total freak of nature and really do prefer pie over cake (but I doubt it…seriously, who likes pie more than cake?). More likely, I think, is that pies are just a little more budget-friendly than a 5-tiered cake concoction. And that’s fine. But let me tell ya, your guests are gonna thank you if you steer clear of this not-so-unique-anymore trend and feed them a slice of moist red velvet cake with creamy dreamy cream cheese frosting instead (is there anything better?) – even if it was just a plain ol’ sheet cake that got cut in the kitchen. If you really can’t let go of the idea, at least serve both pie and cake, then let your guests do the choosing.

There you have it, belles: my take on the best in weddings from 2014….and the things I personally won’t be so sad to see leave. Please don’t take offense if your idea of perfect is front and center in my “least favorite” section…diversity is what makes the world go ’round, folks. You do you, honey!

What trends are y’all loving right now in the wedding world? Are there things you never ever want to see again?

xoxo Laura

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xoxo Laura