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2016: Year in Review

Goodness gracious, belles! Can you believe that another year has come and gone?

To celebrate another great year of blogging, I’ve pulled the top five most frequently visited blog posts from 2016. Starting with number 5:

5. My reflections on my two year wedding anniversary. Glad to see y’all love love as much as I do!

Wedding cooler with wedding vows | Trés Belle

4. My write-up on Catalyst Scrubs, an ethically-sourced scrubs brand! Not going to lie, I was a little surprised to see this one pop up in the top five. Then again, there sure are a ton of nurses, doctors, physical therapists, speech pathologists, CNAs, radiologists, and other medical professionals out there. Makes sense that many of you are looking for ways to do good when purchasing your daily work outfits!

Ethically-sourced scrubs from Catalyst Scrubs | Très Belle

3. The Frizzy Hair Manifesto! I have struggled (and continue to struggle) with so many self-doubts about my hair. It really warms my heart to have your support as I learn to embrace my natural self!

The Frizzy Hair Manifesto: Embrace Your Frizz This Summer! | Très Belle

2. My post introducing the Inside Out Challenge, which was my year-long attempt to exclusively buy fair trade fashion! Read about all of the ensuing escapades here.

The Inside Out Ethical Fashion Challenge 2016 | Trés Belle

1. Annnnnnd top billing this year goes to….Ben and Marie’s picturesque fall wedding!! Who can blame y’all for loving these luscious sunflowers and beautiful burgundy hues?

That’s a wrap, 2016! I can’t wait for what the new year has in store for this blog. Thanks as always for following along!

xoxo Laura

Ethically-Sourced Scrubs

Where all my do-good nurse friends at?? Finding specialty clothing items that are ethically sourced is incredibly difficult, so I was beyond excited when I recently stumbled across Catalyst Scrubs! The brand was started last year by a speech pathologist who saw a niche in the market for ethically-sourced scrubs. Catalyst’s scrubs are made by women in impoverished countries who are given fair wages and other incentives, such as free medical care, free child care, and free business courses.

Ethically-sourced scrubs from Catalyst Scrubs  |  Très Belle

The scrubs are reasonably priced: $29 each for tops and pants. Considering most healthcare professionals only need a few sets of scrubs to rotate through each week, this means you can get your entire work wardrobe for under $200, all while supporting fair wages and economic empowerment.

Ethically-sourced scrubs from Catalyst Scrubs  |  Très Belle

Y’all let me know if you end up buying the scrubs! Would love to hear if you like them.

xoxo Laura

P.S. – this is not a sponsored post. I just like sharing ethical brands with y’all!