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Inside Out Challenge: “True Cost” Fashion Documentary

Last week, my good friend Traci and I went to a screening of the documentary True Cost, hosted by Redress Raleigh. We had heard that it was about the ethical, humanitarian, and environmental problems associated with the modern fashion industry and figured it was a perfect movie to watch as we continue in our Inside Out fair trade fashion/beauty product challenge.

It’s hard for me to find adequate adjectives to describe this documentary. Moving, convicting, fascinating, and heartbreaking all come to mind. I stared in shock at images of waste water from leather factories and blinked back tears as I listened to a young woman in Bangladesh describe her working conditions and the consequences her job has had on her family. As someone who has done some research on the fast fashion industry, I was not shocked at some of the statistics, but was pleasantly surprised to find myself learning new information throughout the movie. I highly recommend this film to anyone, regardless of age, gender, or level of interest in fair trade/ethical/eco-conscious/insert-your-favorite-buzzword-here fashion. It’s incredibly interesting.

Anddddd…great news! True Cost is currently on Netflix! So add it to your queue and get watching, friends. You can also rent or buy it on Amazon, iTunes, or the True Cost website.

And in the meantime, check out the trailer:

xoxo Laura

Inside Out Challenge: The Forgotten Black T-Shirt

The Inside Out Ethical Fashion Challenge 2016 | Trés Belle

Two weeks before Christmas (so three weeks before I kicked off the Inside Out Challenge), I got slapped with a giant reminder of just how horrible my consumerism had become.

I had purchased a vest for my sister at the outlets in Blowing Rock several months before and stowed the shopping bag in a closet for safe keeping. One night, I was wrapping up Christmas presents and pulled the bag out so I could wrap the vest. Lifting the vest out, I noticed there was something laying under it in the bag. I reached in and pulled out a black t-shirt from Gap that I had purchased for myself and completely forgotten about.

Inside Out Ethical Fashion Challenge: The Forgotten Black T-Shirt | Trés Belle

I stared at the shirt in a horrific “aha” moment as I began to feel sick to my stomach. I don’t think of myself as a shopaholic or big spender, and yet here I was exemplifying everything that is wrong with our consumeristic, fast fashion culture. With a $5 price tag, it seemed pretty likely that the shirt was made by poorly paid workers in an underdeveloped country (more on whether or not this is true coming to a future blog post near you!). After purchasing said cheap shirt, I proceeded to completely forget that I bought it. Clearly this was not something I needed, as I had not thought about it for months. I had literally forgotten I even owned it, and here it was, never used.

I’m ready to be more responsible with my buying choices. I’m sick of the flippant consumer I’ve become. It’s time for a change.

Who’s with me? Join and/or follow along as I exclusively purchase fair trade fashion in 2016!

xoxo Laura


(Jeans photo credit: public domain image)