On Sale: “Mrs.” Necklace

How stinking adorable is this “Mrs.” necklace, y’all? Wouldn’t it make a great gift for an engaged or newly married belle? The best news: It’s currently on major sale for the next two days over at Jane for only $5.99!

On Sale: "Mrs." Necklace - Trés Belle Blog

I may have to snatch a few up myself…you know, just in case a friend decides to get married soon!

xoxo Laura

Hand-Painted Personalized Maps: Fabulous Wedding Gift Idea!

Beaus and belles, do you subscribe to Jane? Picture Groupon and Etsy getting together and having a baby…that would be Jane. Like Groupon, the site features limited time deals featuring major markdowns. Like Etsy, all of the featured items are freaking adorable, and many are handmade or sold by small business owners. Anyway, the BEST Jane deal came through my inbox today, and I have to share:

Hand-Painted Personalized Watercolor Maps by Beloved Paper - Wedding Belles Blog

That’s right: personalized 8×10 watercolor maps by Beloved Paper that you can have customized with a little heart over a specific city, along with text to indicate the special occasion. Wouldn’t these be a perfect wedding gift? I think they could also be used as decor on your big day!

Hand-Painted Personalized Watercolor South Carolina Map by Beloved Paper - Wedding Belles Blog

At the time I am writing this, Jane has these adorable maps on sale for only $11.99 each for the next two days–such a steal! Since there is only a short time left, and because the site indicates a limited quantity, I suggest everyone hop on over there straight away and snatch them up! Of course, if you miss the deal, you can always buy them directly from Beloved Paper through their website.

Hand-Painted Personalized Watercolor North Carolina Map by Beloved Paper - Wedding Belles Blog

Belles and beaus, have any of you purchased items through Jane when planning your wedding or buying a wedding gift? Share with me or leave a comment!

xoxo Laura