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Internet Roundup: Bridesmaid Budget Guide, Money-Saving Wedding Tips, & the Perks of a Small Budget

Today’s Internet roundup is all about money, money, money…how to save it, how to budget it, how to make the most of what you’ve got when it comes to your wedding! Here are the articles I’ve been loving lately on the web:

1. The Ultimate Bridesmaid Budget Guide. Please read this if you think you might be a bridesmaid someday…really helpful info on who pays for what, average costs, etc. Being in a bridal party can be costly, and it helps to know ahead of time!

The Ultimate Bridesmaid Budget Guide via Loverly - Wedding Belles Blog

via Loverly

2. Lauren Conrad’s top 10 cost-saving tricks for brides on a budget. These are really good. I definitely did #3, #7, and #9 (the cushion is a must!).

Lauren Conrad's Top 10 Cost-Saving Tricks for Brides on a Budget - Wedding Belles Blog

via Lauren Conrad

3. Why it’s actually awesome to have a small wedding budget. Glass half full! There are some MAJOR perks to not throwing down thousands upon thousands of dollars on your wedding day.

Why It's Actually Awesome to Have a Small Wedding Budget via Loverly - Wedding Belles Blog

via Loverly

Belles, what are you loving on the Internet lately? Share with me!

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