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Internet Roundup: Sassy Bride Edition

Well, y’all may have noticed my absence on the blog the last couple of weeks…sorry and oops! Wes and I bought a house (!!!!) and have been moving and trying to sort our way through the mess of boxes (it seems like the boxes might be winning). Time for a nice Wedding Belles Internet Roundup to get me back in the swing of things. Today’s theme? Sassy Bride Edition. Here’s all the bridal sass I’m loving on the Internet lately:

1. 8 Brides on the Most Annoying Parts of Wedding Planning. Because we all love a good gripe sesh. 8 Brides on the Most Annoying Parts of Wedding Planning, via Brides | Trés Belle

2. Wedding Blackout Dates for 2015. Crabby Bride is officially one of my favorite people right now. I love so many of her posts, but this one might be my favorite. Wedding Blackout Dates for 2015, via Crabby Bride | Trés Belle

3. Crazy Things Mothers-In-Law Have Said. Okay, so maybe a more appropriate title for this post would have been “Sassy Bride/MOG Edition?” Number 5…so cold…Crazy Things Mothers-In-Law Have Said, Via Brides | Trés Belle

As always, send me links for what you’re loving lately, belles!

xoxo Laura