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Internet Roundup: Wedding Dress Shopping Edition!

Today’s Internet roundup (aka the wedding-related articles I’m loving on the web lately) is all about saying yes to the dress! So many brides stress about wedding dress shopping, but I personally believe it has the opportunity to be the most fun part of wedding planning (it was for me!) if you do it right. Without further ado, here’s what I’m loving:

1. How to Brace Yourself For Wedding Dress Shopping – Okay, so I don’t think you necessarily need to brace yourself (you’re not walking into your boss’s office to get fired, people!), but these are great things to think about before you go so that you are mentally prepared and can strategically plan your shopping. This will make it much more enjoyable in the long run!

How to Brace Yourself for Wedding Dress Shopping via Loverly - Wedding Belles Blog

via Loverly

2. The Top 5 Things That Annoy Bridal Shop Consultants – Take note, ladies, because these are people you want to have on your side!

The Top 5 Things That Annoy Bridal Shop Consultants via Brides - Wedding Belles Blog

via Brides

3. 9 Things NOT to Say at a Friend’s Wedding Dress Appointment – Yes. Yes. Yes. Have anyone who is accompanying you to your dress appointment read this first. So often, it’s the peanut gallery that ruins the dress shopping experience for the bride!

9 Things NOT to Say at a Friend's Wedding Dress Appointment via Brides - Wedding Belles Blog

via Brides

Any other wedding (or tux, or jumpsuit, or whatever you’re planning to wear to your wedding) tips? Throw them out there in the comments section!

xoxo Laura

Internet Roundup: Barbie’s Wedding, the Most Awkward Engagement Photos Ever, and More!

Oh, y’all. This batch of links I’m loving lately is absolutely top notch. Without further ado:

1. Barbie and Ken’s wedding, complete with getting ready photos, a first look, and more.

Barbie and Ken's Wedding via Loverly - Wedding Belles Blog


2. 10 things you should NEVER say to a bride on her wedding day.

Things NOT to Say to a Bride, via Brides - Wedding Belles Blog


3. 25 incredibly awkward engagement photos. Butt nekkid fiances? Say no more…

Awkward Engagement Photos via Loverly - Wedding Belles Blog


Are y’all loving any links lately? Share with me!

xoxo Laura

Internet Roundup: What NOT to Say to a Bride, Veil Shopping Tips, and More!

As a wedding enthusiast and blogger myself, I truly appreciate good wedding content on other sites, blogs, and social media outlets. Today, I am sharing several of my favorite recently-discovered wedding articles and tips!

1. 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Bride Before Her Wedding

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Bride Before Her Wedding - Wedding Belles Blog

via Huffington Post

2. Wedding Guest Etiquette: Dress Codes. Ever wondered what to wear to a “black tie optional” wedding? This post is for you.

Black Tie Wedding Dress Code - Wedding Belles Blog

via Southern Living

3. This wedding veil shopping tip from mywedding:

Wedding Veil Shopping Tip - Wedding Belles Blog

via mywedding

4. 18 Inexpensive/Free Wedding Fonts: I especially love Miss Donna, Kailey, Antrokas, and Naive Inline Sans (okay, all of them). Great inspiration for couples who want to DIY their own invitation design, don’t want to use Times New Roman, and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on fonts in the process!

Free/Inexpensive Wedding Invitation Fonts - Wedding Belles Blog

via 100 Layer Cake

Tell me belles and beaus…what have been some of your favorite wedding-related articles, photos, and inspiration lately? Share links in the comments!

xoxo Laura