Trés Belle Blog - Photo by Emma Emery Photography

Photo by Emma Emery Photography

Hi there! My name is Laura, and I am the resident belle of the blog.

In some ways, I am the quintessential Southern belle: I adore pecan pie, swoon over good etiquette, and bless everyone’s heart. I wear seersucker dresses in the summer and say “y’all” every other sentence. I love hot summers and Spanish moss and family gatherings.

Yet, in other ways, I feel like I’ve outgrown the Southern belle persona of generations past. I’m all about some good traditions, but I also love social justice, environmental sustainability, equality, and progressive politics. I do yoga. The more “hippie” a food is, the more I love it. Give me tofu any day over fried chicken!

I am redefining what it means to be a Southern belle; seeking a new definition for a new generation of gracious, sassy, progressive Southern gals. Here on Trés Belle, you’ll find Southern-fried humor, social justice pieces, inspiration for those struggle bus days when life’s got you down, and lots of fun lifestyle posts (including wedding features!). I hope you’ll sit a spell here and join in the fun!

xoxo Laura

P.S. – Stay in touch!


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